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Conversational English

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“I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t know how to express them.” Students of English often mention this frustration at not being able to fully describe their thoughts and opinions.

However, given the correct tools, instruction and opportunities, there is a way for students to overcome the ‘expression barrier.’

Our Conversation English Course is designed and structured to give learners of English the confidence to engage in interesting, meaningful English conversations.

There is a number of significant topics such as Family, Television, Shopping, and Home which are commonly discussed by people all around the world. Other topics, such as Gossip, Fashion, and Emotions and Feelings, are of interest to many learners. They are included in the course for their importance and relevance to student’s lives.


Certificates are awarded after finishing each level. The teacher will provide an assessment pointing out the student’s progress and areas of improvement. Suggestions to keep up with the learning progress is given, too.

Each class focuses on a given topic of discussion. They are chosen for their popularity with students, frequency in conversations among native speakers of English, functional use, and interest of subject matter.
Topics are carefully chosen to help students quickly find that they are able to express themselves and exchange ideas. They’ll develop confidence and fluency in speaking English in natural, meaningful, and enjoyable way.
Classes may begin with the teacher saying a few general comments about the topic. He / She may choose to mention a related current news story, style or trend. Students then offer what they know about what the teacher has mentioned. Students may also say something about their interest or background in the matter.

Students will know at least a week in advance what the topic will be. That way, they can review the vocabulary  list and questions at home.

The Components

After each topic, the students are presented with 60 vocabulary words, 20 discussion questions, an exercise and 2 quotations by well-known people about the topic.


The 60 words or phrases of each topic are directly related to the topic. They are chosen on the basis of their common occurrence in conversations about the subject.


The 20 questions of each topic allow for the students to have a thorough discussion about the topic. Questions have been carefully written to correspond to the vocabulary list.  Thus, students shouldn’t have to use a dictionary when answering the questions, though they may if necessary.

The first few questions are typically easier to answer. As the questions progress, they become more difficult. The final few questions may require more significant consideration and discussion.


Each exercise allows students to further explore the topic in a creative way.


The 2 quotes for each topic give learners the chance to consider what well-known people have had to say about each subject matter. Famous singers, writers, athletes and others are represented


Each class is a 40-minute lesson.

You can avail 8 classes or 20 classes.

8 classes are valid up to a month by the time of purchase, or when 10 classes are attended and/or whichever comes first.

20 classes are valid up to 3 months by the time of purchase, or when 20 classes are attended and/or whichever comes first.
Enrolling to a 20-class course gets a 5% discount on the total price.

Suggested number of classes per week

2 classes

Trial Class

Each new student is entitled to a 20-minute trial class.

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Download the software prior to the class.
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