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Business English

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20 classes

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This course is for individuals wanting to communicate successfully in general business situations. It will provide students with the skills needed to succeed in a business organization.

The course content focuses on common business correspondence supported by grammatical structures, vocabulary patterns and pronunciation.

Throughout the course, the participants will develop necessary skills to handle themselves in a variety of business contexts such as correct form and use of business applications, information management, information technology and telecommunications.


Certificates are awarded after finishing each level. The teacher will provide an assessment pointing out the student’s progress and areas of improvement. Suggestions to keep up with the learning progress is given, too.

The course consists 10 modules. Each module consists of different activities such as vocabulary building, games, role play,  how to ask about something and guided writing. They are designed to teach the basic to high level functions that students need to succeed in business-oriented situations.

The overview of the course is as follows:

Module 1: Applying for a Job
Module 2:
Module 3: Business Correspondence
Module 4: Telephoning
Module 5: Making Presentations
Module 6: Process Managements
Module 7: Negotiating
Module 8: Reports
Module 9: Social English
Module 10: Taking a Break
Skills developed throughout the course:
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
The Components

Each module has different course units with the following structure:

Unit Opener

The theme and lesson objectives are introduced.


Students answer a given question from a short video clip or a picture.

Vocabulary building and key phrase

Key terms and phrases are presented through the use of pictures or visuals.

Dialogue and Practice

Discussion of the given topic. Students and teacher talk about the topic.

Sample dialogues are presented and students can practice with the teacher.

How to… (Speaking and Listening)

Students are given any of the differentiated tasks through games or role playing to reinforce the language structures. Students are guided to make sentences using grammar structure.

Assessments + Homework

Students receive their evaluation and comments on their performance.

Homework is given.


Each class is a 40-minute lesson.

You can avail 8 classes or 20 classes.

8 classes are valid up to a month by the time of purchase, or when 8 classes are attended and/or whichever comes first.

20 classes are valid up to 3 months by the time of purchase, or when 20 classes are attended and/or whichever comes first.
Enrolling to a 20-class course gets a 5% discount on the total price.

Suggested number of classes per week

2 classes

Trial Class

Each new student is entitled to a 20-minute trial class.

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