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General English

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8 classes


1 month validity

20 classes

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3 months validity
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Speed up your English language learning skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our General English Course is designed for honing listening comprehension, vocabulary development, oral fluency, pronunciation, and grammar.

It includes different levels:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre – intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Certificates are awarded after finishing each level. The teacher will provide an assessment pointing out the student’s progress and areas of improvement. Suggestions to keep up with the learning progress is given, too.

A perfectly-balanced General English Course with extensive resources at all levels for students, derived from New Headway Books by Oxford.
New language is introduced systematically and at a steady pace, allowing students to increase their knowledge of the language and build their confidence.
New vocabulary is introduced gradually and there are regular controlled practice activities, allowing students to activate the language in a supported way.
There are also freer practice activities where students have the ability to start focusing on their fluency.
In Everyday English sections, useful chunks of language are presented, which students can use in several different contexts.
The Components

The organization of the course is similar to other levels. Each unit has the following:


Designed to be a warmer to the lesson ans has a direct link with the unit to come.

Presentation of New Language

New language items are presented through texts, often conversations, which students can read and listen to at the same time. This enables the students to relate the spelling to the sounds of English, and helps with pronunciation, as well as form and use.


Contains a variety of controlled and freer practice exercises.
The primary skills used are speaking and listening, but there is also some reading and writing.

There are information gap exercises, group discussions, information transfer listening exercises, pronunciation  exercises, and a lot of personalized activities.

Skills work

Always speaking, combined with listening or reading, with a writing section for each unit


Vocabulary is introduced systematically and is reviewed and recycled throughout the course. 

Everyday English

An important part of syllabus where students have the opportunity to practice chunks of language used in formal and informal situations. Students learn phrases for requests and suitable responses, for use whilst shopping, when asking for directions and for many situations.
Students also learn about appropriacy, as there is a focus on how to sound politely by choosing suitable phrases and using polite intonation.



Each class is a 40-minute lesson.

You can avail 8 classes or 20 classes.

8 classes are valid up to a month by the time of purchase, or when 8 classes are attended and/or whichever comes first.

20 classes are valid up to 3 months by the time of purchase, or when 20 classes are attended and/or whichever comes first.
Enrolling to a 20-class course gets a 5% discount on the total price.

Suggested number of classes per week

2 classes

Trial Class

Each new student is entitled to a 20-minute trial class.

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Download the software prior to the class.
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